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Ethan Fawkes confirmed for Infest 2015! [Feb. 27th, 2015|11:55 am]
News, info and discussion about Infest
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An electronic treasure from Belgium, his 90s grunge and metal background has become re-oriented towards techno, EBM and electro industrial music.

You will hear a merge of guitar loops and electronic sequences driven by harsh vocals with recognisable influences including Ministry, KMFDM, Front 242 and Suicide Commando.

Ethan Fawkes mixes the opposites and it’s not always easy to directly grasp his sound, but that’s what differentiates this artist from the endless EBM troops!

One of the hardest working, most prolific artists on the scene who remixes and is remixed by a huge number of artists representing the whole spectrum, from centro-euro techno, to northern EBM electro Industrial culture. He may not be the most familiar name in our Industrial underground, but its unlikely you haven’t already heard one of his remixes somewhere!

Intelligent techno for the dance floor, in all its varieties.
Too dark and underground for the techno scene?
A bit too techno-minded for the EBM scene?
…you decide! We think you’ll be impressed.

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