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Empirion confirmed for Infest 2015! [Mar. 13th, 2015|11:55 am]
News, info and discussion about Infest
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Fusing hard techno and industrial with acid house, Empirion began life at the pinnacle of the UK acid house movement.

…having met while out and about on the rave party scene, they are famed for remixes of such bands as Front 242, Fluke, Praga Kahn, China Drum, Cubanate, even Yorkshire rockers Terrorvision. Oh and don’t forget that immense remix of The Prodigy’s “Firestarter”, which put the band on the front foot as they dominated dance floors around the globe.

They supported the Prodigy throughout Europe as well as racking up many high profile European festival appearances alongside the likes of Kraftwerk and toured America as a part of Megadog’s “Big Top Tour”, alongside acts like Moby, 808 State, Eat Static, System 7 and DJ’s Grooverider, Derrick May and BT.

Then tragedy hit when original member Glennie died from cancer and the band was put on hiatus. But now with renewed vigour, Empirion have reformed and are back in action!

Once again the trademark squawks of analogue madness are on show, alongside pulsating beats and awesome breakdowns. Perfect Infest material!

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